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Open Fields Singapore – Work. Life. Space.

Open Fields is a cosy shared working space designed for an eclectic mix of creatives & passionate business owners. It is our expression of how we would like to work, live & learn, having the space, facilities and most importantly the connection to a community from diverse fields of work.


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Unity Movement Ltd – Transformational Training

Unity Movement is a non-profit organisation (public company limited by guarantee) that seeks to empower individuals to fulfil their potential and purpose in life.

We are a team with a dream; a dream to call forth greatness within each person, so that they live up to the best version of themselves, the fullness of who they are meant to be, so as to bring change and light into this world. We believe that everyone has dreams. It is our desire to bring these dreams alive through our programmes and life-on-life journeying with people.

Through our different divisions (see below), we bring out the Belief, Excellence, Strength and Truth in individuals, strengthen families and empower schools and companies to build up their people.

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