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Frequently Asked Questions

How does BMN work?

  1. BMN provides a free platform to connect Transformational Ventures with Enablers and thereafter, when connections are made, BMN will arrange for the Change-Maker and Enablers to meet to take the Transformational Venture forward.
  2. BMN does not curate Transformational Ventures.
  3. Members need to make their own assessments on Transformational Venture viability and to negotiate their own terms of investment.

How can I become a member?

  1. Who is a Change-Maker? A Change-Makers is person with a passion to impact society in a positive way and is the key person embarking or growing the Transformational Venture.
  2. Can anyone apply to be a Change-Maker? Anyone with an idea or vision for a Transformational Venture looking for funding or mentorship can apply to be a Change-Maker.
  1. Who is an Enabler? – An Enabler is an investor or mentor involved in business or the marketplace who is looking to contribute to Transformational Ventures and/or mentor Change-Makers.
  2. Can anyone apply to be an Enabler? Enabler membership is open for person who have the heart to fund, mentor and support Transformational Ventures. Enablers who do not share our goals may be rejected.
  3. Why do we control Enabler membership? It is important that our Enablers understand and are aligned with BMN’s vision and mission.
  1. A Change-maker fills in a web-form on a Transformational Venture which will require compulsory fields to be filled.
  2. Transformational Ventures are posted on the web-site and are considered by Enablers.
  3. If there is interest from Enablers they will be able to connect online.
  4. The profile of the Transformational Venture remains on the BMN platform and is accessible to all Enablers and other Change-Makers.

What matters at BMN community?

  1. Business for Good that are profit driven business, abiding to Christian ethical standards, with transformational social impact as one of its primary purposes. Investments in these businesses are typically equity or commercial loans. More on Missional Business is set out below.
  2. Social Enterprises that are sustainable self-funding ventures that impact society in a positive way whether in the form of community support, poverty alleviation or creation care. Funds invested in Social Enterprises are accountable in terms of social impact and are typically not recoverable by funders.
  3. Community Projects that are non-profit charitable organisations with a social impact objective that requires gifts or donations to operate.
  1. Sustainable – it needs to be profitable not with the aim of making investors rich but in order for the business to be sustainable in the long-run.
  2. Shalom – Bringing peace, prosperity and blessing to the community – it needs to be a positive contribution to the environment and the community bringing jobs and prosperity.
  3. Salt and Light – we support businesses that bear positive witness to our values.
  1. A business plan that is realistic and sustainable.
  2. A social impact strategy that is align with, but not subordinate to, its profit motive.
  3. Corporate governance framework that includes regular reporting.

When in doubt submit what you can :-).

  1. A clearly defined community outreach strategy.
  2. A plan for long-term sustainability.
  3. A framework for regular reporting.

When in doubt submit what you can :-).

  1. A clearly defined community outreach strategy.
  2. Show supported by an organization with the necessary resources.
  3. Show an accountability framework.
  1. BMN is funded by gifts and donations
  2. BMN is owned by Kairos Project Ventures Pte Ltd which is an investment and consulting company that seeks to Enable Change

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