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BMN provides a free platform to connect Skill Experts with Projects in need and thereafter, when connections are made, BMN will arrange for the Experts and Project Owners to meet to take the Transformational Project forward. Sign up to see all active Skill & Project. Or submit your project or expertise to impact society in a positive way!

Testing Project
Social Enterprise
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Project 1a
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SETH (Social Enterprise Training Hub) Cohort 2021 Recruitment
Social Enterprise
TBN Asia’s SETH Program (Social Enterprise Training Hub) is designed to help…
BMN Help Wanted
BMN likeminded volunteers needed to help maintain the BMN site and Facebook…
Mini-Hydro project in Borneo Highlands
Mini-Hydro Project to generate 10kW to provide a reliable source of electricity…
Coffee Project in Borneo Highlands
Business for Impact
This project is to support the sustainable growing of coffee and other…

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